Taught By Brother by J. T. Watson
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In today’s fast-paced business world, oftentimes basic human decency is sacrificed for the sake of making a quick buck. Even hardworking employees, dedicated to the well-being of their companies, can become unwilling victims in the quest for the almighty dollar.

In TAUGHT BY BROTHER, Sallyann Johnson is just such a person—toiling diligently as a secretary for a prestigious insurance firm. It is her love for her brother which develops into an all-encompassing appreciation for the capabilities of human passion. And it is the company she dedicates her life to which exploits that passion for its own ends.

TAUGHT BY BROTHER—a provocative examination of our contemporary moral climate.

Sallyann was an attractive twenty-five-year-old blonde who worked as a secretary for an insurance firm. She was the kind of woman who turned men on without realizing it. Certainly she didn’t dress to show off her luscious body. She wasn’t even aware of the looks that men gave her when she came into a room. She knew that her breasts were really large and men like that, but she hardly thought about it.

She was a normal American girl.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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