Horny For Brother by Brian Laver
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Sammy hated it when his sister had girl friends sleep over. Not that he didn’t like his sister’s friends. But when she had a friend over, Sammy felt left out.

His sister was a year older than he. And all of her friends were the types of girls that Sammy dreamed about.

He was a horny kid. No hornier than usual, but kids his age are usually pretty horny.

So when he had to lie in bed, thinking about the cute chicks in the next room with their flannel nightgowns draped over their ripe tits and firm asses, naturally it made him even hornier.

Although he tried to pretend he wasn’t interested, he was. He would find himself standing outside his sister’s closed door on his way to the bathroom. He could hear their voices, laughing, gossiping, fooling around.

Now, as he stopped to listen, though, he heard something genuinely interesting.

“I wish my tits were more like yours,” Pat, his sister, was saying.

Sammy froze. He moved his ear closer to the door.

“I like yours better,” Polly said. “Look at the way mine sag.”

“But I like the way they sag,” Pat said. “I think mine look like they just sprouted yesterday.”

Sammy realized that the girls were looking at each other’s tits.

Suddenly the boy’s horniness grew into a fever of lust. He dropped to his knees and put his eye to the keyhole. But all he saw was his sister’s dresser.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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