Hot Family Fun by Kathy Harris
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“Damn! Your pussy’s so tight, it’s squeezing my cock so hard, it hurts!” Dean cried, but they both knew that he wasn’t really complaining. Far from it!

Wendy contracted her strong cunt muscles even harder around her his prick, making him cry out again, grinning all the while. Then she loosened her muscle-hold, letting him slip his cock out once again.

Her shapely hips twisted and lurched, piston-like, faster and faster, forcing him into a fucking tempo that was savage and relentless. Wendy had always become swiftly aroused and extremely passionate, and now she was glad. She loved the exciting feelings of lust and pleasure that vibrated throughout her entire body.

Man, this is fucking! he thought lewdly. He was able to last a long time, and his girlfriends usually clawed up his back and screamed the walls down after he had rammed his cock inside their pussies. But Wendy was different. She could be fucked by the minute, taking the in-and-out rhythm without let-up. And she could give it back, too, for a long, long time.

Each time he thrust his cock into her pussy, she thrust up toward him. Their sweat-moistened flesh slapped noisily against each other, the lewd, wet sounds of their fucking just turning them on more and more.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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