Licking The Librarian by Hank Borden
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LICKING THE LIBRARIAN is story is about a young woman, Alice Pepper, who, outwardly a respectable city librarian, is in reality, a sexual libertine who sees no harm in having intimate relations with her young employees. But the teenagers in this story, as far as one can tell, are not hurt by their experiences. Or are they? Will Alice Pepper’s “abnormal” behavior have an adverse effect upon the young people with whom she comes in contact? Who can say?

LICKING THE LIBRARIAN-a work of fiction for entertainment, but also a story which points up once again the difficulty in defining normal behavior.

The tall, shapely redhead stepped from the rear door of the bus, turned, and walked briskly up the street. Her thick, shiny hair was wrapped neatly in a bun, and covered by a blue scarf. A pair of wire-framed glasses adorned her green, catlike eyes. She wore a white blouse and a grey skirt and the grey sweater over her blouse concealed her bulging tits, and her skirt’s hemline concealed her knees and half her calves. What the skirt didn’t cover stockings did, as if she wanted none of her bare meat exposed. And on her feet were long, thin heels, which clicked sharply with each step.

Many a passerby looked her way, but she kept her eyes straight ahead, ignoring all the smiles and whistles. She knew the conservative way she dressed could not completely hide her good looks and shapely body, so she just walked steadily on and tried not to pay the gawking men any mind.

When she reached a tall brick building on the corner, she stopped and looked up at the large black letters over the door. They read, “City Public Library.” This was the place, and she entered through the double doors and ascended the stairs.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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