Going Down With Mom by Kathy Andrews
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GOING DOWN WITH MOM is the story of an impressionable teenage boy whose relationship with his mother threatens to leave indelible marks on his personality if the potentially dangerous situation in which he finds himself is not changed. His mother refuses to let go, and the boy, feeling everything his mother does must be right, allows her to lead him down a forbidden path. But who is to say they are wrong?

GOING DOWN WITH MOM-a shocking story, certainly, but one which should be told.

Sitting in the air terminal lounge, Kay began to feel the urge to fling her knees apart, exposing herself to the good-looking young man who worked behind the airline counter.

Kay felt like doing that often. She seldom wore tight pants or jeans, but preferred skirts and dresses.

Kay had a beautiful body, slim and sleek. Her tits were firm, tilted upward like those of a young teenaged girl. Her waist was small, and her thighs and legs were mouth-watering. Her ass was compact, a delicious handful, and her asscheeks rippled and bunched enticingly when she walked. With her dark hair and light-blue eyes, Kay was a very beautiful woman. She was unaware that men often considered her a walking wet dream.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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