Iron Maiden Mother by Nathan Silvers
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The women in IRON MAIDEN MOTHER are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals, catering to the whims of their captors.

IRON MAIDEN MOTHER—the shocking story of innocent women learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

“That will be four-fifty-two, sir.”

“You want it in money, or can I take it out in trade?”


Evelyn Watkins stared at the two men in front of her. The one who had spoken was in his early thirties who looked younger. He was a big man, broad and thickly set with black hair that badly needed trimming. His face was strong, intimidating with deep-set blue eyes and a full mouth. He was leaning heavily against her cash register while scratching his groin with his right hand.

Evelyn flushed beet red, feeling her body trembling under the neat green uniform that all cashiers were required to wear at the store.

She ignored his hot stare. “Please, just the money, sir.”

“Bet you need a good hot fuck to take care of your problem.”

Evelyn heard someone gasp in line. Her head shot up, her eyes blazing with anger while her fingers gripped the cash drawer.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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