Video Games by Carole Wilson

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“For some reason,” began Frank Edwards tilting his beer glass to his
lips and thinking of Stephan’s voluptuous blonde wife, “I don’t think
your wife likes me.”

“Aw, come on, Frank,” assuaged Stephan, slapping his brother on the
shoulder. “It’s not that she doesn’t like you, it’s just that she’s,
shall I say, ‘awed’ by you.”

“Awed?” asked Frank quizzically.

“Yeah, that’s it. There’s a mystique about movie people, you know,
especially film directors, and I guess she just feels uncomfortable
because of …”

“Because I make films of naked women’s tits and asses, you mean,” added
Frank with a note of finality.

Resting his elbows on the patio table, Stephan nodded his head and then
drained his glass.

Frank flashed a glance in the direction of Bunny, the white-haired
actress who now sat on the edge of the swimming pool, dangling her
lithe tanned legs in the blue sparkle of water, her huge tits straining
at the thin covering of her bikini top. With a look of confidentiality,
Frank leaned forward. “You know what you ought to do, Stephan?”

Stephan leaned closer with a subtle movement, barely detected; there
was something about taking advice from a younger brother that bordered
on humility. “What?”

“You oughta use my new Polaroid instant movie camera and take some good
films of Gillian …”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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