Hooker Housewife by Robert Vickers
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Western man prides himself on his ability to forge his own destiny. And yet many people find that they are not always able to rule their own fates. Oftentimes a single, traumatic event will change and reshape their lives.

There is the young girl who, after a brutal r#pe, becomes a bitter, frigid young woman. Or the bright, self-confident businessman who, after losing mast of his money in a poor stock investment, becomes a drunken derelict.

So, too, does fate play a trick on Denise Stockton. Unhappy with her marriage, she takes a lover who opens up new vistas of pleasure to her, then leaves her stranded in that most carnivorous of towns, Las Vegas. Broke and alone, Denise is helplessly drawn into selling her body in order to survive. And although she attempts to bring her life into some semblance of normalcy and respectability, vowing to get out of the trap she has unwittingly fallen into, the task proves hopeless. Circumstances run against her, miring her in a bog of depravity and degradation, propelling her to her fate.

HOOKER HOUSEWIFE — the story of one avenge American woman who becomes the victim of circumstance. Her story is a warning to others never to forget that their lives are not always their own. It is a chronicle of one modem woman’s destiny.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number EL-1022 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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