The Naughty Librarian by Norma Egan
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Western man prides himself on his ability to forge his own destiny. And yet many people find that they are not always able to rule their own fates. Oftentimes a single, traumatic event will change and reshape their lives.

There is the young girl who, after a brutal r#pe, becomes a bitter, frigid young woman. Or the bright, self-confident businessman who, after losing most of his money in a poor stock investment, becomes a drunken derelict.

So, too, does fate play a trick on Kay White. Frustrated because her sexual inhibitions have forced her to go without a man for years, the twenty-eight-year-old librarian at last succumbs to her needs, seducing one of her students — with disastrous results. Suddenly, Kay finds herself the victim of blackmail, forced into the most debauched and degrading of acts, with no end to the nightmare in sight.

THE NAUGHTY LIBRARIAN — the story of one woman who finds herself the helpless victim of perverted and sadistic souls. Her tale is a reminder to us all that our lives are not always our own.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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