Horny Aunt Karen by Sue Smith
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The woman in HORNY AUNT KAREN appears outwardly normal. Yet she derives sexual pleasure from a practice that most would consider socially unacceptable—and some would consider perverted.

But who is to say whether she is normal or perverted? HORNY AUNT KAREN is a novel of interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior. A story of one woman seeking to resolve her sexual conflicts and find inner happiness.

As soon as her bedroom door was safely shut, Karen stripped out of all her clothes and lay down naked on the bed in the comforting darkness. Karen knew what she must do.

Her heart was beating painfully in her chest and her tits began to heave as she reached inside her bedside table where her companion of so many cold, lonely nights lay. No doubt her older sister would have been shocked if she knew that Karen kept such an object around the house, but she could go fuck herself for all Karen cared. Because that was exactly what Karen was going to do!

The latest dildo that she had purchased was of the king-sized vibrating variety, as lately the average ones just didn’t give her the sort of intense satisfaction that she craved. Moreover, she seemed to be using the thing many more times each day.

Her hand travelled down along her body, rubbing at the sides of her thighs, until she had to stretch her legs far out and bring her hand between them. The tingling warmth was already there, and when her hand reached a little higher it came to moistness and even more heat.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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