Spread Wide Wife by Norma Egan
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Psychologists have long noted that man is a gregarious animal whose need for approval and affection is as real and basic as his need for food and shelter.

This social need is reflected many times over in our everyday lives. There is the teenaged boy who frequently smokes marijuana, though he dislikes it, because he fears being branded as “straight” by his friends. There is the wife who turns to illicit affairs because her husband, totally dedicated to his business, cannot or will not give her any affection.

This is the story of one of those wives, Karen Brandon. A young attractive woman who has what many women dream of — a lovely home, status in the community, financial security — Karen seeks to fill one big void in her life. She is ignored physically and emotionally by her busy, hardworking husband. In her overwhelming need for physical attention, Karen ignores all the moral rules she has been taught and dares to venture onto forbidden ground. And is Karen to blame?

For Karen, seeking affection becomes a way of life, her norm. This is a novel that poses a timely question for our increasingly decentralized American families.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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