Wild, Willing Mother by M. J. Jacobs
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Annette Stevens, the main character in this story, is a woman whose drive for sex has long been frustrated. Her pursuit of satisfaction, thus, becomes desperate and those with whom she lives and associates suddenly become targets. A normal, healthy sex drive becomes reckless and those caught in its path are abruptly confronted with a dilemma which can be resolved only through unique solutions.

WILD, WILLING MOTHER-the story of a woman who has to come to terms with her own nature and needs. A novel of significance to our ever-changing society.

Annette Stevens stared in amazement at what she had just discovered hidden under a pile of T-shirts in her son’s dresser drawer. She had thought at first that she had come across one of Denny’s many hotrod magazines. She turned the glossy pages and discovered that the only hotrods pictured were stroking in and out of hot-looking cunts. On every page of the magazine lusty women were spreading their long silky legs for handsome young studs who were fucking them with a passion. Annette had never seen anything so sexually stimulating in her life.

Annette almost wished she hadn’t decided to take a few minutes to tidy up Denny’s room while he was taking in a movie with his brothers. She usually left such chores to the boys themselves, which was probably why Denny hadn’t taken greater pains to hide the magazine more carefully. Now Annette had to decide whether to tear the magazine up or leave it where she had found it.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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