Daughter Gets Horny by Nick Eastwood
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“Oh, wow,” Sandy Falk breathed, “I can hardly believe this. It looks like we were all wrong about sex, Sis.” The wide-eyed teen was sitting on her bed, staring at a huge illustrated book.

“What is it?” her sister Molly demanded, jumping onto the bed. “Let me see.”

Sandy pointed to a paragraph in the book, and Molly read it, her eyes widening. “Oh, my gash!” she exclaimed. “We sure have a lot to learn.”

“I’ll say we do,” Sandy said grimly. “You better sit here and read this book with me. Otherwise we’ll never get finished before it’s due back at the library.”

“Right,” Molly agreed.

Molly was just a year younger than her sister, and the two looked a lot alike, cute and petite blondes. But there were a lot of differences between them, too. Sandy was serious, a bookworm, and she wore her golden hair in prim braids. Molly was a bubble head and as outgoing as a friendly puppy. Her honey-blonde hair was in short bouncy curls which seemed to be springing in all directions.

“Gosh, so that’s what fucking is all about?” Molly said wonderingly as the girls pored over the book.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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