Hot Oral Wife by Ron Taylor
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In HOT ORAL WIFE, Morgan Wyler is a typical young suburban housewife. She is surrounded by material comforts. Yet her boredom and her husband’s increasing neglect lead her into acts she never dreamed herself capable of. With each day, she finds herself set more irretrievably upon a path from which there is no turning back.

HOT ORAL WIFE is a novel about the problems that may confront any woman when she makes the fateful decision to ignore society’s prohibitions.

The reception desk outside her husband’s office was vacant when Morgan came in. Carly, Nick’s secretary, must be on her break. Morgan just shrugged and opened the door to Nick’s office. The next to last thing in the world she expected to see was Carly Dillon, virtually naked, stretched across the desk top with her head in Nick Wyler’s lap and his big hard cock fucking in and out of her mouth. The last thing Morgan would ever have expected to see was a stranger behind Carly, pushing his prick up her red-furred pussy while she ate greedily at Nick’s cock.

“Nick!” the young wife yelled, totally floored by what she saw.

All three of them looked up.

Carly blushed and began to wipe at her wet, lipstick-smeared mouth. The man behind her paused in mid-stroke, his cock jammed halfway up Carly’s cunt. He tilted his head to one side and looked at Morgan, one corner of his mouth turned upward in the makings of a smug smirk. Carly looked embarrassed. Normally she was the picture of efficiency, but her usual business suit was gone-all she had on was a white blouse, unbuttoned past her camisole-covered tits, plus garters and stockings-and her hair was unpinned, falling loosely onto her shoulders. Obviously she didn’t need her glasses for cocksucking. They were gone too.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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