Nasty Sharon by Roberta Taylor
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Sharon Wilson has defined her greed as “wanting more than one’s proper share”. She is willing to do anything to get ahead in life — even if it means giving her body to any person who can help her advance.

NASTY SHARON is the story of a woman who has enough but yearns for more. A story too typical of today’s society.

She lay in a tub of warm water under a blanket of bubbles like whipped cream. Using washcloth and soap, Buddy had opened two holes in the white blanket, baring her rosy tits.

He slowly laved the floating sphere of her left breast. It kept bobbing away from his touch, but his caresses caused the nipple to harden.

Deep inside, Sharon felt a vaginal fluttering that made her want to arch her back and raise her seething split to his touch. But she restrained the urge.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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