The Whore Makers by Janet Roland
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In THE WHORE MAKERS, Vivian Long is a young girl who finds herself the pawn in a vicious scheme to wreak vengeance upon her powerful father, a state senator. In the attempt to get at the Senator through his daughter, Vivian is kidnapped in Mexico, framed for smuggling, brutally taken, then thrown into prison, where even more terrible degradation awaits the once innocent girl. And much to Vivian’s own horror, she finds herself becoming accustomed to the abuse heaped upon her; indeed, she eventually even aids her captors in their diabolical scheme, finding that she can actually enjoy being victimized.

THE WHORE MAKERS — a thought-provoking study of one woman’s reaction to threatening circumstances. A word of warning to us all.

Vivian Long’s shapely tits heaved with anticipation as she looked out the window of flight two twenty-seven, bound for Benito Juarez International Airport. She ran her fingers lazily across the smooth sensuous skin of her thigh and found herself thinking about the not-too-distant future when she would be united with her first and only lover, Max North.

The sun reflected off the blue-green water of the Gulf of Mexico and Vivian hoped she looked her best; subconsciously she touched her long blonde hair in the way a woman does when she thinks of her appearance.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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