Blow Girl by Heather Brown
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Fate play a tragic trick on Janis, the young girl who tells her own sad story in BLOW GIRL. A girl whose sexual drives are unusually powerful, she becomes the unwitting victim of one man after another, and her life becomes a long string of broken promises and shattered dreams.

And each time she is subjected to another crushing blow, she tries to bring her life back to normal-going to work, taking care of her home, performing the usual daily routine of a young American girl. But it is a hopeless task, for Janis is in reality the victim of her own overpowering sexual urges.

BLOW GIRL is a work of fiction for entertainment, yes, but also the chronicle of one young girl’s pathetic struggle to find peace and happiness. A story that all too many of us will find familiar.

The man sitting in the restaurant booth across the aisle was handsome.
Too handsome. Handsome enough to get me into trouble.

My eyes met his, but before they did they took in his whole body, which was obviously rugged beneath the well-tailored clothes he was wearing. It was easy to see that he had broad shoulders and a sinewy torso tapering down into a slim waist under the paisley shirt and blue blazer he was wearing. What was even more interesting to me was the exciting bulge of his cock at the crotch of his form-fitting gray trousers. By the time he looked over my way, and our glances met, without even realizing it I had been licking my lips at the thought of a fresh cock. When he looked at me I suddenly became aware of what I was thinking, and how I was showing it, and I looked away in embarrassment, aware that my thoughts were written all over my face.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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