Dirty Little Girl by Ray Todd
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DIRTY LITTLE GIRL is the story of Libby, a young girl whose attitudes and moral standards have chiefly been influenced by her mother, whose husband has deserted her long ago. Following her mother’s example, Libby learns early in life that sex can be a marketable commodity, indeed that it can be her one-way ticket out of the dead-end life she has helping her mother work a run-down, rural cafe. And when she does escape, it is natural for young Libby to continue on the path she has always followed, pleasuring a never-ending parade of men and developing a life style which, although socially unacceptable to many, becomes her norm.

DIRTY LITTLE GIRL — a timely novel about the coming of age of one young American girl.

Sitting quietly on the step, Libby anxiously looked down the dark road, waiting for the headlights of Billy Jefferson’s pickup. Billy drove out to her mother’s cafe every Thursday night so that Libby could suck him off.

Although only eighteen years old, for the past few years Libby had been charging the local boys two dollars for a blow job. She didn’t know how much money she had collected over that time, but she had two large cans stuffed with dollars, dimes and quarters hidden under a loose floor board in the pantry.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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