The Naughty Niece by Ray Strong
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In THE NAUGHTY NIECE, Ira and Harriet are a happily married couple of twenty years. Yet, in spite of their compatibility, both find themselves yearning for something more, finally resorting to separate vacations in order to satisfy their hidden desires for the new and different. While Harriet prowls the Continent in search of thrills, Ira roams the beaches near their summer cottage, never dreaming that he will find what he longs for so close by.

THE NAUGHTY NIECE — the story of a few average Americans trying to find their own unique life style. A comment on the changing mores in our restless society.

The solid, heavy white shaft of six-inch muscle, lined with winding blue veins and topped with a rich, purple, helmet-shaped knob flaring out to a wild, oversensitive corona was the fattest, most stunning, cock the two girls had ever seen. They had heard there were larger pricks, and perhaps there were fatter ones, but neither of them had ever seen one. In fact, neither of them had ever seen very many cocks at all.

The girls should not have been looking at the heated, swollen, blood-engorged tool at which the both of them now stared, their mouths agape. But there were these two tiny holes in the bedroom wall separating their room from the master bedroom. And though pictures usually hung over the two holes on the girls’ side, the pictures were now resting on a dresser while each of the girls had an eye glued to one of the holes, staring into the next bedroom, both more than desirous of becoming part of a tableau similar to the one they were watching.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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