Juicy Young Piece by Walter Collins
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One evening I went on a date. I still had to ask permission because I was living at home. My father had said all right because it was a double date and the three other kids I’d be going with went to our church. We went to a drive-in movie. I was kidded about having to get my parents’ approval when I was of legal age. That embarrassed me. When they drove to an X-rated show, instead of the one they’d told me we were going to see, I didn’t say anything. I just couldn’t make a bigger fool of myself. They parked toward the back of the big lot where we had more privacy. The movie started and I was handed a paper cup filled with wine. At first I refused, but the three of them kidded me and dared me until I gave in and tried it.

One glass led to another. I relaxed. I felt good. I snuggled up in a boy’s arms. The picture on the screen showed a man chasing a naked woman around the bedroom. My cunt began to tingle as I watched the movie. My date put his arm around me and pulled me to him. I knew I was going to be kissed, and suddenly I wanted to do it with all my heart. I puckered up and waited. His lips circled mine instead of meeting them. I felt his tongue meeting mine.

My lips were warming. I found myself imagining that I was the girl on the screen who was kissing that way. I let my lips part and his tongue ran over my teeth. He pushed me back and slid his tongue deeper into my mouth. It felt strange and good at the same time. My tummy ached and my tits felt strange. I was frightened but secure in his strong arms. His mouth left mine and he kissed my closed eyes, my cheek and my neck, making my whole face tingle. The ache in my cunt grew and grew.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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