The Wife's Young Lovers by Walter Collins
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In THE WIFE’S YOUNG LOVERS, Sharon Hart is one of those desperate people, for her problem—an inability to achieve complete sexual satisfaction with her husband—leads her to accept shame and degradation at the hands of individuals who only wish to use and abuse her.

Her story is that of a young wife shattered by life’s realities, namely, an unfulfilled marriage.

THE WIFE’S YOUNG LOVERS . . . a novel about a society which too often ignores a person’s cry for help.

My fingers, cuntlips and thighs were sticky with pussy juice. A street light in the alley behind our house gave just enough light to see the outline of my sleeping husband’s hard-on. I thought about it and squirmed restlessly.

I’d tossed and turned for hours. Me, Mrs. Sharon Hart, wife of promising criminal attorney, John Hart, fingering myself in the dark. I’d done it at least a half-dozen times since I’d come out of my fitful sleep. It hadn’t done much good—it never did! In the five years we’d been married, John and I had fucked on the average of twice a day. I also jacked-off at least three times in between. Even my monthly didn’t stop us. When it came around we switched holes.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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