The Unfaithful Wife by J. T. Watson
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In THE UNFAITHFUL WIFE, Alan and Cynthia Wilson are safely married and incredibly bored with the predictability of their lives.

They both embark upon an existence that offers them the excitement of new lovers and new situations. All the time fearing that the other will discover their infidelities.

THE UNFAITHFUL WIFE — a novel about how two people deal with their individual desires and needs within a modem marriage.

Alan Wilson was on his way home after a dull and exhausting business trip. Sometimes Alan wondered if the money he made from such trips was worth it. Sure, he had the best things that money could buy. A big house with a swimming pool. A wife who knew the right things to say and how to wear her clothes. He had everything a man could ask for.

Except that his life wasn’t exciting.

It was thinking of his wife and home that made Alan turn off the highway he regularly used. He’d decided that he would drive through the mountains instead. It would mean that he would be two days late getting back to his dull life. Alan wondered why he should feel so turned-off by the life he led. Perhaps it was his wife. She’d been an exciting woman when he married her, but lately he had found himself looking at other women — although he had never really considered being unfaithful.

Not that he didn’t have plenty of opportunities. There were beautiful, willing girls around the office and business trips.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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