More Than An Aunt by Randy Howard
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MORE THAN AN AUNT is about a normally proper, middle-class woman who finds herself unable to suppress her sexual desires any longer. Visiting her niece and nephews, who are far more experienced than their ages would suggest, she succumbs to temptation and embarks upon a course of wreckless seduction. This is a story about a woman’s struggle to free herself from her inhibitions and to take the satisfaction she has sought for so long.

MORE THAN AN AUNT — the story of a common problem in our society, and one woman’s solution to it.

“Oh, Christ, Joey — not here! Don’t! Put your cock back in your pants — somebody might come!”

“Shit, Kathy — nobody’s here but us. All the fuckin’ teachers have gone home. Come on, damn it — stop cock-teasing! You want me to fuck you or not?”

“Yes… yes! Oh, God! My pussy — ahhhh! I’m so fucking hot! Oh, lover… lover…”

“I’m damn near creamin’ now, you hot bitch! Jesus, let’s do it before I waste my wad!”

“Yes… yes! Do it! Let’s do it!”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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