Hungry Wife by Robert Vickers
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HUNGRY WIFE is the story of one couple, Carole and Larry Bennet, who are young, attractive and successful to all outward appearances, yet are unable to communicate at the most basic level. As a result, Carole is driven to seek a false kind of love in the arms of others, degrading herself and yet reveling in that very degradation, straining her tenuous marital relationship to the breaking point.

Carole and Larry are products of an uncaring society, and examples of an affliction that plagues many American marriages.

“It’s getting hard. Go on. Suck some more on it, honey.”

Larry couldn’t see the grimace on Carole’s face as she tugged a little bit at the man’s cock. It was still half-limp, hardly what she could use for a full, all-out fucking. She dropped her face to the cock again and started licking it. Her tongue raced up one side and down the other. Rough, wet and pink, that tongue sought out all the right spots to lightly brush, to press, to caress, to stroke.

She was expert at giving head.

Taking the entire end of his prick into her dank, humid mouth, she started to suck. The pressure mounted on the tip of the man’s pecker until he was writhing around on the bed. His ass crinkled up the fresh sheets and made a shambles out of her carefully made bed.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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