Naughty Sister by Brian Laver
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The characters in NAUGHTY SISTER comprise a typical American family. Two teenaged children, with the typically strong sexual urges of their age group, begin to experiment with sex. Before long, they are enmeshed in a relationship that spills over to other members of the family and, indeed, the whole neighborhood.

NAUGHTY SISTER-a novel for those who are unafraid of the new and unusual.

“I think Johnny’s a dream!” Sue said.

“So do I,” said Barb. “But I like Carl. I think he’s just so sexy!”

Billy was listening to the girls through Sue’s bedroom door. She was his older sister, and Billy felt left out. He liked to talk to his sister and her girlfriends. But they were always going into Sue’s room to talk about boys.

“He is sexy,” Sue said in agreement with Barb. “And he’s got a big prick. You can see it bulging in his pants.”

“I know,” Barb giggled. “I think he caught me staring at it the other day. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment!”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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