Hot Lips Secretary by Carl Ross
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Susan Russell is a child of the age in HOT LIPS SECRETARY. Living the life of a hedonist, she refuses to worry about any serious problems of her future, and rarely thinks of the past in any reflective sense. Never does she question herself or seek any long-term commitments. Her main concern is for today, for herself, and for her pleasure. For Susan, sex is merely something to be enjoyed, sometimes to be performed for the enjoyment of others, but never does it carry any moral or deep emotional overtones.

Her story is a social document, manifesting current trends in human relationships and contemporary morality. HOT LIPS SECRETARY challenges our perceptions of ourselves and our contemporary social mores. With its lesson of what our future may hold, it is a book demanding our serious scrutiny.

Susan Russell was 19, loved her job as a secretary at the naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, but was despondent. She sat on the couch in her small apartment and dreamed about sucking off Bob Walker, a Mr. Universe type who worked on the base with her.

He would be about the fourteenth guy she had sucked since she was in her senior year of high school. She’d gotten so that she loved it so much she couldn’t think about much of anything else.

Big, hard cocks were on her mind most of the time. She enjoyed fucking them, but her biggest thrill came from taking a throbbing pecker in her mouth and really giving it a blowjob that the guy would remember for a long, long time.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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