R#ped Teacher by J. T. Watson
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Vicky Wilson is a woman suddenly out of control. A soft spoken English teacher in a high school, she discovers a hidden passion that drives her to sample the manhood of one of her students. From that point on she is on a collision course with disaster, but there is nothing she can do to stop herself. Her degraded life becomes entangled with others in the grip of similar lusts, and she finds herself dragged down until nothing in her life is the same as it once was.

R#PED TEACHER – the story of a woman caught up in passions she cannot understand. An eye-opening tale of degradation for those who look, but refuse to see.

Vicky Wilson sat at her desk in the English class. She had been sitting there for an hour. She wanted to cry, but she was still in a state of shock. An hour earlier she had gotten a phone call from the police. She was coldly told that her boyfriend had been in a car wreck and had just died.

Vicky felt as if her life was over.

Danny had been more than just her boyfriend. He was the boy she was going to marry in two weeks. He was going to be her husband, the man she had chosen to live her life with.

Vicky couldn’t help but remember the night before when Danny had tried to take her virginity. He had gotten her blouse off and he had been trying to take her bra off. Her large, grapefruit-shaped tits had been swollen and achy, but she wasn’t that kind of girl. She had kept Danny from going any further.

Now she wished she’d allowed Danny to have her.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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