Widespread Teacher by Donna Allen
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Emily Vernon is a woman suddenly out of control. A soft-spoken teacher in a boys school, she discovers a hidden passion that drives her to sample the manhood of her students. From that point on, she is on a collision course with disaster, but there is nothing she can do to stop herself. Her degraded life becomes entangled with others in the grip of similar lusts, and she finds herself dragged down until nothing in her life is the same as it once was.

WIDESPREAD TEACHER—the story of a woman caught up in passions she cannot understand. An eye-opening tale of degradation for those who look, but refuse to see.

Her breath catching in her throat, her legs trembling almost out of control, Emily Vernon leaned against the tree and stared at the boy in the clearing. She knew him. She had just that very day started teaching at the Caldwell School for Boys and he was in one of her classes. They were now in the woods near the school and she was thankful for the tree which kept her hidden. There was nothing wrong with being in the woods, nothing at all. The problem was that the boy had his pants and shorts down at his ankles and his hand was pumping his large stiff cock. He was jerking off in a frenzy.

Emily was a thirty-seven-year-old spinster, but she’d seen cocks before, many more times than people might think. She knew all about the equipment between a boy’s legs. She had a thing about schoolboys. They brought out what she called the devil’s lust in her, turned her into a trembling hot-cunted woman. She hadn’t been caught doing anything yet, but she knew that one day she would, and that would be the last teaching job she would ever have. She kept moving every few years to a different but at every school there were always one or two boys who sensed the special hunger in her. They seemed to sense that she was a woman with a passion for fucking and sucking their young pricks, and she and the boys always seemed to find each other. She knew that some day her escapades would get her fired and bring her all sorts of misery.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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