Wild And Wicked Wife by Donna Allen
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WILD AND WICKED WIFE is the story of one young wife, outwardly normal, who discovers an eagerness to satisfy her lustful cravings in the arms of other men and women. A shocking story, true, but also a mirror of our times.

“Are we fucking tonight?”

Susan Mason pressed her body against her husband as she asked the question. She could feel the bulge in Harry’s crotch pushing into her belly. They had just returned home from a boring movie and she was as horny as hell.

Harry managed a noncommittal grunt. Susan expected that. They hardly did any fucking anymore. Sometimes she thought she’d go crazy for want of a hard cock in her pussy! Harry was a sweet guy, but he would never win any prizes as a stud.

She knew she had to work to turn him on. They were both still fully dressed. She rubbed her tits against his chest, hoping the result would be more than just stiffening her nipples.

She had no idea why Harry was so disinterested in her these days. She was only twenty-six. She had a pretty face and her body had curves in all the right places. Men turned to stare at her in the street.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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