Hot Sucking Daughter by Kathy Andrews
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In HOT SUCKING DAUGHTER, Peggy Benson is a pretty young teenager embarking on her own special journey into adolescence. She finds herself plagued by her emotions, and troubled by her relationship with her family, sometimes feeling guilty about her awakening sexuality. And it is through her relationship with them that Peggy at last takes major strides toward womanhood.

HOT SUCKING DAUGHTER — the story of one average American girl’s coming of age. A lesson to us all. A reminder, once again, that growing up is not easy.

Peggy Benson sprawled on the lounge chair near the sparkling pool. Her bikini top was undone. The bottoms hugged her tight, saucy little ass, and since the bikini was wet, it was almost sheer.

She rested her arms beneath her head, facing the pool, away from the house. Her long, creamy legs were parted slightly, and there was a tingling pulsation between them. The sun was hot on her body, and she thought maybe that was one of the reasons her cunt was throbbing. It seemed as if she had been born with a throbbing, wet, burning cunt.

Her chestnut hair fanned about her arms, and she sighed heavily as she tried to rid her mind of the erotic thoughts that flooded it. She was always imagining hard cocks, and she felt ashamed of it.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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