Daughter Loves Inc#st by Ray Todd
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Mike and Bev Layton were an extremely sexual couple with a cute little daughter named Cindy. Neither Mike nor Bev got enough sex to satisfy themselves, so they both openly fucked anyone they could get their hands on. Though they thoroughly enjoyed sex together, they had absolutely no objections to each other’s outside affairs for extra kicks.

Bev was very much aware that Mike was constantly fucking their next door neighbor, Nina Warren, and she was anxious to try the woman’s husband, Tom, but he seemed rather shy. Bev had often flirted with the man, but he never responded to her sexy suggestions.

One Saturday afternoon, when Bev knew that her husband had taken Nina for a drive so he could get a piece of ass, she called Tom and asked the man if he’d like to drop over and join her for a drink.

When he accepted, the horny redhead met him at the door with a cold gin and tonic. Sitting down together on a couch, they idly chatted their way through two more drinks.

“Well,” she finally whispered to him as she rested her hand on his thigh, “are you ready for some naughty fun and games?”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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