Horny Little Babysitter by Steve Golden
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The young girl in HORNY LITTLE BABYSITTER, Kelly Gordon, is a child of the present. Living the life of the existential hedonist, she refuses to worry about tomorrow and rarely thinks of the past. Her main concern is for today and the pleasures it brings. For sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carrying neither emotional ties nor moral overtones.

HORNY LITTLE BABYSITTER — the story of a young girl who truly embodies the lifestyle of many in our society. Her story is one which holds a lesson for us all.

The cute teenager’s pussy pulsed wetly when Frank Rivers opened his front door and she saw how handsome he was.

“I came a little early, so that I could use your pool,” Kelly Gordon smiled. “I hope you don’t mind. Your wife suggested it on the phone.”

She stood in the doorway in her short summer dress and let Frank Rivers give her the once-over. He didn’t say anything for a while, but simply stared at her, as if he couldn’t believe his eyes. She giggled softly. It was the first time she’d ever babysat for the Rivers family, and it was obvious from the man’s reaction that she was not what he was expecting.

“I’m sorry, please come in,” he said at last, waving her through the hall and into the living room. “My wife’s not home, I’m afraid. She went on ahead of me. But come on through to the back. I’ll show you the pool and you can have some fun while I get ready.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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