Hot Virgin Daughter by Kathy Harris
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Lola Fowler’s story, HOT VIRGIN DAUGHTER, is that of a young girl growing up in a very special way. Breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every wanton new experience. But all along what she is really seeking is love and she finds it.

HOT VIRGIN DAUGHTER — the story of a girl’s search for happiness. A timely story for today. A story which answers many questions, but leaves many others still unanswered.

Suddenly, the movie began. The title, “Cumming Home”, played over the screen, superimposed over a beautiful, young woman’s nakedly spread cunt.

Ned gasped and choked, shocked beyond belief. His eyes widened and his mouth hung open stupidly as he watched the screen, as if hypnotized. The camera moved over the woman’s writhing body, playing on her huge, firm tits and her obviously juicy pussy.

As the writing disappeared from the screen, six masculine hands reached out from behind the woman’s shapely body and grabbed at her ass, her tits, and her cunt.

Ned jumped, and his cock stirred restlessly.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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