Naughty Young Widow by Ron Evans
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NAUGHTY YOUNG WIDOW is a story about a young woman who will do anything to satisfy her sexual desires even if it means turning to orgies and lesbianism. Many people will consider this perverted, but they cannot argue with the happiness she gives to herself and many others.

NAUGHTY YOUNG WIDOW a startling story that provides insight into the happiness that can be gained from what society considers perverted.

Babs Foster was feeling particularly horny that day, so she dressed up in the briefest, tightest outfit she owned and walked the three blocks to the nearby shopping center. And she was indeed shopping, she told herself with a giggle. Shopping for a big hard cock!

At twenty-three, Babs was young to be a widow, but she’d married young and had had several happy years before her husband’s sudden death in a plane crash three months before. She had invested his insurance money and it was now paying back a steady income. It wasn’t a fortune, but it allowed her to live in a nice apartment, dress and eat well and spend her time as she wished without the necessity of taking a job.

As she left her apartment building and strolled down the street, she felt the thin fabric in the crotch of her shorts pulling in tightly against her moist young pussy mound, the seat of her shorts, she knew, was stretched taut over the rounded cheeks of her flaring asscheeks and the leg holes were snug around the tops of her long, shapely thighs. As she moved, her big, mouth-watering titty mounds jiggled around firmly inside her brief halter top. Her rose-colored nipples were stiff and pointy against the material.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number CB-4115 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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