Back Door Cousin by Pamela Cooper
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Ginny Malone turned in her sleep. Her outflung arm hit the empty spot on Bob’s side of the bed, and the young woman was instantly awake. Eyes fuzzy with sleep, she sought out the face of the clock by the bed. It was two-thirty and her husband was still not home.

She lay there for a moment, trying to clear her head. At least he was probably all right, since Ray had gone with him.

The two had left the house around eight to go down to the corner bar. Ray, her brother, had secretly promised to try getting Bob home by one, but apparently, he had been unsuccessful.

Ginny climbed from the bed and stared at herself in the full-length mirror. Moonlight falling softly through the window made her pale complexion seem like alabaster.

Gently, she ran her palms down across the firm titflesh, feeling her nipples leap out to meet her warm hand. Then down across her belly to nestle her fingers teasingly into the sweet lips of her cunt.

A soft, involuntary moan escaped her lips, and she went back to her solitary bed.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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