Horny Loving Mom by Kathy Andrews
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HORNY LOVING MOM tells the story of a family undiscovered in their sins and unsullied by the guilt and shame that usually follows detection. Rather than being driven apart by their desires and passions, the Allison family is brought closer together, for their lust cannot conceal the love they hold for each other.

While the Allisons may not be the typical family, they are a family that has come to grips with a situation which would have destroyed other families. They have adapted, and are content with their adaptation and without society’s intervention.

Sharon Allison sorting the laundry, held up a pair of Robert’s shorts. The front of them looked slightly moist, meaning her son had just placed them in the hamper. She looked closer, and found the reason for the wetness.

He had either spontaneously come off in his shorts, or had jerked his cock and gushed into them. Whatever had happened, the come juice there was still warm and wet. A ripple moved up and down her spine as she looked at them, turning them inside out for a closer examination. Yes, it was definitely come juice. To make absolutely certain, Sharon wiped her finger into the wetness, then touched her fingertip with the tip of her tongue. A quiver moved through her cunt, and she groaned softly.

Sharon pressed the crotch of his shorts to her lips, kissing. She felt the response of her cunt and moaned again. It had been so long since her sexual appetites had been satisfied.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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