Mother's Hot Sucking by Kathy Harris
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MOTHER’S HOT SUCKING is the story of a family. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, to it’s inhabitants, it is the norm.

And outside their lives go on. Business and its daily conflicts. School and its trials and triumphs.

The norm… for this family, yes. And how many other families like it?

MOTHER’S HOT SUCKING — a novel of fiction and a page of our restless society as food for serious thought.

“Yeah, I remember,” Bob said, pressing the girl’s tits together and lowering his head, sucking both of the rigid nips into his hot, wet mouth and moaning with pleasure as he tongued the tips of the turgid buds.

“Tell me,” Betsy purred, feeling another flood of cunt juice drench her hand.

“You told me to play with my cock… to make myself come,” Bob said, remembering every vivid detail of that incredibly exciting night.

“And at first you told me you thought it would be wrong and that you wouldn’t do it,” Betsy said, moaning as he squeezed and fondled her aching tits.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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