Eager Naughty Daughter by Don Scott
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Angel, an attractive young woman in EAGER NAUGHTY DAUGHTER, is one of those desperate people, for her problem-a feud between her father and her uncle-leads her into the arms of other men, compelling her to flit from one bed to another in an orgy of hedonistic excess.

Her story is that of a woman struggling desperately for happiness, for some way to save her family and self-respect.

EAGER NAUGHTY DAUGHTER-a novel about one of the problems facing modern society and a reflection of our times.

“Sam, we’re going to be away from each other for a long time,” Angel murmured, still looking down at Sam’s bulging jeans. “I think I should give you something . . . just so that you won’t forget me while I’m gone.”

Sam smiled, even though it was hardly a happy occasion. He hadn’t spent a full night away from Angel in months, and he knew she’d be gone for a week, perhaps longer.

“Please . . . please,” Sam whispered, putting his hands on her slender shoulders and applying slight downward pressure, letting her know that getting his prick sucked by her was about the most thrilling thing he could imagine.

As Angel sank to her knees at the doorway to their apartment, she could feel the pussyjuice seeping from her tight fuck-hole, making her panties cling wetly to her cuntlips.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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