Naked Wife Next Door by Bill Randolph
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NAKED WIFE NEXT DOOR is a story about a married adult who, while still in love with her mate, finds herself getting bored. Then an unusual set of circumstances revolutionizes her lifestyle, and forever changes the workings of her marriage.

And while she struggles to come to terms with her new way of life, she also struggles to keep up a facade of respectability — while behind the scenes she embarks upon a path condemned by many but which, for her, is a new lease on life.

NAKED WIFE NEXT DOOR — the story of one possible road to marital happiness. A path taken by many others today. A comment on the changing mores of our restless society.

Blonde, blue-eyed Norma Quincy brushed her long, soft hair and studied herself in the dresser mirror. She had a critical eye but, for a woman three months from turning thirty, she concluded that she was in great shape. She turned and gazed at her bare ass and the backs of her thighs, pleased by the image reflected in the mirror. Norma was proud of her body, and made no apology for it.

She had just stepped from the shower and finished toweling herself dry as she stood before the mirror naked. She dabbed perfume between her huge, shapely tits and smiled at her reflection.

Even with her husband, Paul, out of town on business, she liked to keep herself looking as good as when he was home. It was, she mused, a good habit to form. A woman should always take pains to make herself look as good as possible. It was a primary ingredient, she felt, for keeping a marriage solid and affectionate.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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