Hot Ready Schoolgirl by Nick Eastwood
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In HOT READY SCHOOLGIRL, young Sasha Davis, a transfer student from another school, finds herself thrust into a situation where she is put under pressure to experiment with sex, and nothing she has yet learned in life has prepared her to cope.

She was a shy girl, afraid of strangers and new situations, but her shyness is stripped brutally from her. How she copes with this dramatic twist in her life is a measure of her real character.

HOT READY SCHOOL GIRL — A story of what it is like to grow up in America, where the fad of one generation is the lifestyle of another.

Sasha Davis just couldn’t believe her eyes. People didn’t do things like that — at least not in public. The pretty blond teenager was just leaving the school grounds, on her way home for the day, when she stumbled across four of her classmates having an orgy!

Her eyes must be playing tricks on her, Sasha thought. There was an old shed at the edge of the playground, no longer used by the maintenance people, and that was where Sasha heard the noises coming from. But when she peeked through a knothole to see what was happening, she figured it was only her imagination.

She thought she saw Bobbie, the school “bad girl”, getting it on with three guys at the same time.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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