At Sister's Back Door by Ray Mills
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For the young girl in AT SISTER’S BACKDOOR, the initiation into the world of sexuality is full of frustration and fear. Eager to explore the bounds of her femininity, she becomes a source of pleasure for other people.

AT SISTER’S BACKDOOR-the story of a young girl’s struggle to make her own, very personal transition into adulthood. Her story is a reminder of the pitfalls standing in the way of those growing up. It is a lesson for society.

Amy Winters tossed and squirmed in the bed, finally kicking off the covers. It was so hot! The night air was heavy and humid, and not even a wisp of breeze came in through the wide-open window.

I’d forgotten how bad it can be, she thought. Even the gauzy, thin babydoll she wore felt like too much. She pulled it over her head and threw it across the room. She wore only her panties.

If it doesn’t cool down I’m going to take those off, too, she vowed.

It felt so odd, sleeping in her old bed. She had grown up in that house, in that bedroom. But for three years, she had lived a thousand miles away, in the city.

Twenty-three might not seem so old, she thought, but it felt like eons since she had lain in her bed, suffering from the heat. It had a strange effect on her. Part of her felt like the kid she had once been, but the other part longed to be back at her job in the city, where the streets were exciting and the men all looked at her with undisguised lust.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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