Licked Wife Made Hot by Tim Peterson
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LICKED WIFE MADE HOT is the story of one couple, Jenny and Gifford McClain, who are young, attractive and successful to all outward appearances, yet are unable to communicate at the most basic level. As a result, Jenny is driven to seek a false kind of love in the arms of strangers, degrading herself and yet reveling in that very degradation, straining her tenuous marital relationship to the breaking point.

Jenny and Gifford-products of an uncaring society, and portrayals of an affliction that plagues many American marriages.

There she was, Jenny McClain, spoiled little rich girl, lonely little wife, waiting in her private changing room at the club, yearning for her tennis instructor with an electric buzz of carnal anticipation.

Jenny enjoyed every moment of it. Even the waiting. And especially the wickedness. She was born to be naughty.

Of course, it was always kept hidden under a blanket of discretion. She had a husband who, to put it mildly, would not have approved. Trouble was, he wasn’t the kind to do much to keep her satisfied. It wasn’t neglect, exactly. She just didn’t think he knew any better. Good girls didn’t have those kinds of needs, and to him, she was a good girl.

She even had to worry about her friends finding out. True, she wasn’t guilty of anything that they weren’t guilty of, but with his position and standing Gifford was quite a prize. Any woman would welcome the chance to take him away from her. And, as barren as the marriage could be at times, it was all she had. Besides, she hadn’t won Gifford just so she could lose him to someone else.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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