The Sucking Stepmother by Ron Taylor
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Sometimes wanting more than you have — or wanting to better your condition in life — can sway your better judgement. Like a little evil nymph whispering in your ear, goading you, you think, with envy, lust and longing, that you would love to take the trip to the Orient that your friends are taking — or have that new car they just bought.

The colorful characters in THE SUCKING STEPMOTHER are caught up in a blood-lust game. But fate, that unpredictable wild child, rolls the dice and plays tricks with their fortune.

“Your cock,” Amanda Webster said in a hoarse, throaty voice. “I want your fucking cock!”

She hardly gave him time to unzip his pants. She was on him with hands and mouth, tugging his trousers down and pulling the shorts with them. As his big hard cock sprang out, free and wild, she grabbed it with both hands.

Looking up at him with a lusty gleam in her green eyes, she began to lick his cock up and down, drooling onto the hard hot meat as her passion became almost uncontrollable.

“You like that, huh, baby?” Rusty grinned down at her, his hand stroking her chestnut hair. “Why don’t you suck it just a little, while you’re at it, Mandy?”

Amanda smiled.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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