She Sits And Sucks by Victoria Parker
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Sue Powers, the young babysitter in SHE SITS AND SUCKS, experiences traumatic emotions and copes with them the best way she can. The decisions she makes for her own life may not be acceptable to everybody, but they work for her.

SHE SITS AND SUCKS is a fictional story about one girl growing up, a tale which might apply to any young girl in today’s society.

Sue had put the Browns’ little girl to bed and decided to do her English homework for school the next morning before she watched a late night talk show.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Bill and Beth, had asked her to stay the night because they were attending a party that would last until well after two or three in the morning. Sue didn’t mind. She had stayed over several times. The Browns were well-off, had a nice big home in the suburbs, and she enjoyed having the place all to herself.

Sue was a senior at Waverly High School in Bluff City, and a popular girl-a cheerleader, a drama standout, an all around All-American girl.

She stood a compact five-foot-three. Her face was beautifully structured, not too round, not too square. She had a perfect nose, big brown eyes, long brown hair, and a dream body.

Her tight tummy gave way to lush teen hips, perfectly tapered legs, and she had a goddess young ass. Her sweet tits pressed against the red sweater she wore like a couple of softballs- they were big for sure, but fit her little body because they were so round, firm, uplifted.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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