Sharing The Secretary by Frank Masters
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In SHARING THE SECRETARY, Gail Worth is a woman of the present. Living a life of existential hedonism, she refuses to worry about tomorrow. Her main concern is for today and the pleasures it brings. Sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carrying neither emotional ties or moral overtones.

SHARING THE SECRETARY — the story of a young woman who embodies the lifestyle of many in our society, a presentiment of what the future holds. Her story holds a lesson for us all.

Stretching, the secretary walked back into the empty office of the man she worked for. Gail was bored. She unbuttoned the jacket covering her surprisingly large tits. Under the prim, working woman’s outfit, Gail was a stunningly built girl, although no man saw her luscious body. She had been divorced for two years now, and she still hadn’t started dating any other men. She was too afraid that the new guy would find her sexual needs to be too strong, just like her ex-husband.

Taking the key ring that Mr. Holt had given her at the airport, the pretty secretary was planning to put it away as he had asked. The older man had forgotten about the ring of keys until he was just about to board the plane. He had seemed a little nervous about letting Gail have them. As she looked at the row of keys, she wondered why he had acted like that. Let’s find out, she thought to herself.

It only took three tries before Gail found something she had never dreamed was in the office. A VCR and a small TV were locked in a drawer behind his desk. Turning on the set and the VCR, Gail played the tape that was already in the machine.

On the screen, a young woman was slowly and enticingly licking around the rock-hard cock of an older man.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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