Naughty Hot Teacher by John Damon
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The protagonist in NAUGHTY HOT TEACHER, Jacki Norton, is an outwardly proper and quite normal individual who makes an unusual discovery about herself. A high-school teacher, she stumbled into a course of behavior many of us consider perverted—that of seducing her students. In essence, Jacki is like a time bomb, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse her basest instincts.

Jacki Norton rolled onto her back on the blanket, laughing. Bill cupped her tit with his large, strong hand and kissed her on the lips. Her tongue darted out, exploring his mouth, setting off an electrified charge in her pussy when the tips of their tongues met.

She felt his lips move down her body, kissing their way downward over the huge mounds of her tits before they fastened around her swollen, hard nipples.

He sucked her tits, his other hand gently stroking her pussy, starting the juices flowing in her eager cunt. She could feel his cock, steel-hard and ready for action, press against her leg. He was as ready as she was.
He pushed his finger inside her wet pussy slit, spreading her delicate, pink cunt lips apart. Gently, he stroked her clit, feeling it rise hard and stiff under his expert fingers.

She moaned, pressing her body against his as his thick fingers slipped inside her pussy slot, her creamy cunt juices pouring onto his hand. He fingered her cunt, fucking her slowly with his hand. She couldn’t keep her hips still, thrusting her pussy against his hard fingers as they darted in and out of her juicing slot.

She ran her hands over his muscular, strong body, delighting in the press of her flesh against his, their bodies drawing warmth from each other.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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