The Naughty Bride by David Ingram
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The tall, muscular boy got out of the car and stood in the light from the open door. The girl leaned heavily against the opposite door and watched him slowly unzip, ceremoniously take out his cock, and start to piss. She saw the stream arch into the darkness and heard it splash in the dirt. She didn’t know why but the sight always excited her.

The boy finished and gave his prick several healthy shakes and climbed back into the car, leaving the door standing open. He looked at the girl huddled in the seat and palmed himself. His prick looked white and delicate against his big hand.

“Tonight, Eva?” he asked, “You said we would do it tonight.”

“I said, maybe,” Eva answered softly.

“Come on, honey, you promised.” He looked at her longingly. “I have a strange feeling that if we don’t do it tonight, we never will.”

Eva felt a pang of fear at his subtle threat. “Play with it a little and get it hard while I think,” she said.

With growing excitement, she watched his cock swell in his slowly moving hand. Many times before she had watched him masturbate, but tonight, it somehow seemed different. For many months she had implied, without actually saying so, that when he graduated, she would give him a present that he would never forget. Less than an hour ago, he had become a high school graduate.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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