Three Horny Teachers by J. H. Long
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The three women who are the protagonists of this book — Frieda Higgins, Bernice Hudson, and Hazel Turnbow, are also outwardly proper and quiet people. Yet the three teachers have much more in common than that. A weekend in that most infamous of cities, Las Vegas, shows them for what they truly were outwardly normal, inwardly perverted. They are three time bombs, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse their worst instincts.

THREE HORNY TEACHERS — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.

Frieda Higgins was dismayed at what she found in her husband’s drawers. No, it wasn’t his cock, because she wasn’t looking in those drawers. She was looking in the drawer of his bureau, the one that had white athletic socks to the right and neatly pressed T-shirts in the middle and forty pairs of starchy Fruit of the Looms to the left.

She had been searching through his underthings, because she wanted to find out what he had put there last night after he had been in such a fucking horny mood.

Frieda wanted to see what could have caused him to act so… so perverted. Arnold had never acted so… so strangely in their five years of marriage.

Usually when he wanted to fuck, he would be very forthright about it. No foreplay, no caresses or nuzzling noses that other happy housewives get from horny husbands. Usually when Arnold was horny and itching for a fuck, he grabbed Frieda’s right tittie with his left hand and her cunt with his right.

Which usually made her feel like not fucking him because he never nuzzled noses with her, or whispered sweet nothings, or creepy-crawled his hand surreptitiously up her thighs.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.
Note: This story is the same as catalog number GE-1047 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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