Charlene's Dirty Movie by Brad Harris
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She closed her eyes and leaned back against the rich velvet of the couch. Her hands came sensuously up her body, cupping her tits lusciously. The brunette sighed as she pushed her voluptuous breasts forward and ran her thumbs across each nipple.

“Mmmmm,” she panted, licking her wide, inviting lips. “Oooooooh!”

Charlene was proud of her body. She hadn’t always been. She had felt uncomfortable for years about her size. She was a big girl. Hell, she was an immense girl. She wasn’t fat. No way! Being just over six feet had been her problem. She stood over six feet in her bare feet. Her waist was the only thing tiny about her. She did have a tiny waist. Her tits measured forty inches around and her hips pushed the measuring tape to thirty-eight inches.

She was a big girl. She was big and sexy. Some might think she was too sexy. The girl had lost a number of men who were threatened by her abundant curves. Shit! When she stood naked before a man, she’d knock his eyes out with all that tit and ass.

The luscious brunette rolled her mammoth tits slowly and sensuously over her chest. The skin was flawless as it glistened beneath her caress. She fingered her nipples until she had them hard and glowing. The soft pink nipples and areolas appeared even more sexy against the rich tan of her body, a tan unbroken by any sign of straps.

Charley didn’t wear a suit when she lay in the sun. She loved to feel the warmth of the sun flow over all her body. She inspected her skin now. She looked down at each tit as she slowly caressed them, making sure that the luscious swell of flesh was without blemish.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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