Neighborhood Orgy by Ray Todd
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NEIGHBORHOOD ORGY — the story of one couple trying to come to terms with their marriage and themselves. That they find no easy answer is mute testimony to the problems besetting modern marriage. Their story is a word of warning, a message to our troubled times.

Walking home from the Wellmans’ party with Karen, his pretty young wife, Jeff Jordan couldn’t get his mind away from Francine Wellman. Jeff was only twenty-five years old, but the beautiful brunette hostess who was almost ten years his senior had certainly ignited a wild flame in his loins. The Wellmans lived just around the corner from them, yet this was the first time Jeff and Karen had been invited to one of their parties. Although Tracy, the Wellmans’ daughter, had often been a sitter for their ten-month-old baby, Jeff and Karen had only casually known the Wellmans until they’d unexpectedly been invited over this evening.

Jeff kept thinking about the dress Francine Wellman had been wearing. It was a tight-fitting gown, cut so low in the front that the beautiful brunette’s big lush boobs were almost falling out.

There was a sophistication about the older woman that had wildly excited Jeff whilst dancing with Francine earlier in the evening. Jeff had been stunned by the way the woman had subtly rotated her cunt against his crotch.

“Oh, Jeff,” Francine had whispered to him as they were dancing in a darkened corner of the room. “I’ll bet your pretty wife really enjoys that big cock.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number TB-1012 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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